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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Feline cardiology and respiratory disease – CPD

Last week Liesbeth travelled down to Swindon to continue her studies on feline medicine in order to obtain a certificate in this area.  This month the lectures were provided by Kerry Simpson, a RCVS specialist in Feline Medicine. The first day concentrated on feline cardiology.  Heart murmurs and heart disease in cats is something we deal with regularly at the practice.  The lectures [...]

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This issue we bring you Rocket the 4 year old rescue rabbit. Rocket's favourite place to sleep is anywhere that isn't his bedroom! He always pulls all the bedding out and redistributes it all over the hutch! His favourite toy is a wooden chew which is filled with hay, unfortunately, one of Rocket’s naughtiest habits is chewing things other than [...]

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Fingal is a very handsome Main Coon who has been a regular at Westport Vets for a while. When he’s not at the clinic he can be found snoozing in his favourite spot – his zebra bed in front of the radiator. Fingal is a cool cat who doesn’t really indulge in toys but when in the mood he will [...]

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