Hugo’s Heroes

Hugo’s Hero Award Winner 2022 – Meatball

Meatball's story began several years ago as a stray. He began visiting the Kershaw family, Clare, Daniel and their children Sophie (age 13) and Jack (9), through their cat flap and eating their own cat’s food. The family told us he was such a handsome boy yet in such a bedraggled state, with ticks on his face and matted fur. [...]

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Andrew The Golden Retriever

One of Westport Vets Local Canine Heroes for South Queensferry, Andrew the Golden Retriever. Andrew attended the Westport Vets South Queensferry practice to assist in the treatment of an emergency case. He helped to save the life of another dog by being a blood donor. Andrew is a registered blood donor at Westport Vet. His owners, Annette and Tony [...]

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Archie the Cocker Spaniel

Archie is a Cocker Spaniel who was rescued from Edinburgh Dog and Cat home 3 years ago. He was adopted by owner Liz King after the tragic and sudden loss of her husband David. Liz and David were happily married for 33 years and his loss was absolutly devastating. Archie is an extremely sweet and very loving dog. He [...]

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