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Claire – ECC (emergency and critical care) UK Congress

Claire recently has come back from attending the 16th ECC (emergency and critical care) UK Congress at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. The ECC Congress, organised by Vets NoW, had many different lecture streams which included: Foundations of ECC – ideal for those new to emergency or recent graduates Advanced stream –  certificate holders and experienced ECC practitioners can expect [...]

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How to ‘cat proof’ your Christmas tree

As most cat owners will know cats and Christmas trees do not always go well together! Cats and kittens love to climb trees, and are naturally attracted to the flashing lights, baubles and tinsel that adorn many Christmas trees. As such, we at Westport have compiled a list of things you could try to “cat-proof” your tree. Set up the [...]

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Christmas poisonings

Christmas is the time to have fun, celebrate and indulge ourselves a little. As members  of the family our pets often get to indulge a little bit too. But the Christmas season carries a whole host of dangers to our pets, from toxic foods to dangerous seasonal plants. Dangerous food and drink Chocolate - Chocolate contains a drug called theobromine, [...]

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Rachel – Chronic Pain Certificate

Rachel spent another 4 days on the west coast of Scotland in October, completing the second part of study towards her certificate in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management. Since the acupuncture course in February she has been treating lots of new patients and seeing some great results which is fantastic.   This part of the course concentrated on the [...]

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