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VET Festival 2018

Louise and Gillian recently visited sunny Surrey for a conference. Unlike the usual veterinary conferences, this one was set outdoors and had a "festival" feel.  So called, VET festival, this is the brain child of Noel Fitzpatrick ("Supervet"). In recent years there has been a move within the profession to improve mental wellbeing, with the recognition that, as a profession, [...]

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Liesbeth continues her Feline Medicine Certificate Programme

This week Liesbeth continued her studies on the feline medicine certificate programme in Swindon.  The feline gastrointestinal tract and liver disease were covered in detail, followed by a further day on feline endocrinology. The feline gastrointestinal tract day was lectured by Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones B.Vet.Med.(Lond.), Ph.D.(Bristol), M.R.C.V.S. who is an RCVS specialist in feline medicine.  The day started examining oral diseases.  Feline gingivitis and dental [...]

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