We all know that having a dog in your life is beneficial, so at Westport Veterinary Clinic we want to keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as possible. Our experienced team can help with young pups to golden oldies and everything in between!

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When you get a new cat it is really important to get them registered with a vet to ensure it is kept in the best health. At Westport Vets we offer a free health check for all new kittens.

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Rabbits are highly social and kept on their own get lonely and stressed. Companionship is so important when it comes to rabbits so please ensure you have considered this before buying a pet rabbit.

Small Furries

At Westport Vets we consider “small furries” to include mice and rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils and chinchillas. Many can suffer from poor health from time to time so make sure you make an appointment with one of our Vets if you ever notice any worrying signs.

Memory Wall

We have set up this page to remember all of our beloved pets who have sadly passed away. If you would like to add your special pet’s dedication to our memory wall, please click on the link to submit a dedication.

Your pet’s health is important.
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