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💜 Puppies on Lockdown 💜

We have had lots of enquires this week with concerned new puppy owners during lockdown so have some advice to help. ℹ As it currently stands (08-04-2020), following government guidelines The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons clarification on treatments is that veterinary practices are currently not permitted to do puppy, kitten, or rabbit vaccinations. Only Urgent and Emergency treatment should [...]

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March is Pet Anxiety Awareness Month!

Thankfully, it is now widely recognised in humans that mental health is just as important as physical health; the same is true for our pets!   Our lifestyles are becoming more and more hectic and often we expect our pets to be able to keep up, coping with busy households, traffic, fireworks, moving house, other pets and all sorts of other potentially stressful situations. [...]

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Thriving in Practice workshop

Recently, we arranged a training day for the whole team about how to maintain resilience in the face of what, as you might imagine, can be a very emotionally demanding job. The lovely Torphichen Inn hosted us for the workshop and kept us well fed and watered throughout the day. The session was set up and run by the brilliant [...]

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