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Nicola’s Clinical Animal Behaviour Course Part 3

At the end of November, Nicola completed the training for the third block of her clinical animal behaviour course. The first two days focused on pain and the impact this can have on behaviour. Indeed, sometimes the only sign of a painful condition can be a change in your pet's behaviour, such as being more sound sensitive than usual or [...]

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At Westport Vets, we are very aware of our responsibility toward the environment, and are constantly striving to improve our practices and reduce any detrimental impact that we have on the planet. Across our three branches, we have steadily been making changes behind the scenes, as well as front of house.  Unfortunately, being a medical industry, there are some things [...]

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Stuarts Oral Surgery – Reconstruction and Plastics CPD

Stuart travelled to the Accesia Academy in Sweden to attend their course on Oral Surgery - Reconstruction and Plastics. The journey was fairly simple with a quick easyJet hop from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, and then a train journey across The Bridge (featured in a famous TV show) into Sweden and then North to Halmstad. On arrival it was cold, wet [...]

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