Fingal is a very handsome Main Coon who has been a regular at Westport Vets for a while. When he’s not at the clinic he can be found snoozing in his favourite spot – his zebra bed in front of the radiator. Fingal is a cool cat who doesn’t really indulge in toys but when in the mood he will play with an exceptionally loud squeaky grey furry mouse. Of course, Fingal is an angel but if the heating is off he will quickly pinch your seat if you turn your back! His owners describe him as an absolute joy who is a shy character when meeting new people and saves all his cuddles for them!

Fingal recently underwent major reconstructive surgery. A large, aggressive tumour was situated on his right eye lid and the only option due to the size and nature of the tumour was a full removal of the eyelid and eye itself. The removal was successful and complicated and extensive reconstructive surgery followed with a skin flap taken from behind the neck and shoulders.

This story has a very happy ending with Fingal looking fabulous and enjoying life to the full with one eye after making a full recovery with no signs of cancer.  It is extremely important to check your pets over for any new lumps and bumps. If you do notice something unusual, please make an appointment with the vet.