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Prevention is better than cure, our preventative health care plan is designed to make health care for your pets easy and affordable. As a member you will receive many amazing benefits, click on the link to learn more.

Out of Hours Emergencies

Out with our normal working hours Westport Vets use VetsNow to care for your pets. VetsNow are the UK’s leading out-of-hours (OOH) service and our nearest sites are in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy. By phoning them on 0131 440 0990 they will be able to guide you to your closest clinic. You can also use them in an OOH emergency situation wherever you are in the UK – so even if you are away from home on holiday.

VetsNow also runs an OOH service when you are just looking for advice when we are not open that runs up to 11pm each night. This is perfect for situations where you don’t think it’s an emergency that needs to be seen before we re-open, but you would like some reassurance. For more information go to:


Our pets need their teeth looked after and at Westport Veterinary Clinic we take dental care seriously. We regularly perform dental procedures on dogs, cats and rabbits.

Old Friends Check-ups

As dogs and cats approach their senior years, they are more prone to developing health issues. The earlier these problems are picked up, the more we can do to help control them and keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible.


We offer consultations by appointment at both our Linlithgow and South Queensferry branches. Consultations last for 20 minutes each, allowing more time for us to get to know you and your pet, and to put you both at ease.

Cat Friendly Clinic Award

We are proud to be credited as a ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic – where we look after your feline friends specific needs to reduce as much stress as possible.


At Westport Vets we carry out many different surgical procedures on a daily basis, from routine neutering to dental procedures, orthopaedic operations and emergency surgeries.


Orthopaedic surgery can be very specialised. At Westport Veterinary Clinic we are lucky that Stuart has a great deal of experience in treating many orthopaedic conditions.


We offer Veterinary Acupuncture at our clinic – which is the practice of inserting fine, solid needles into the body for pain relief or, in some cases, to help the body with other diseases.


Dog vaccinations will provide protection for your dog as well as peace of mind for you. Your dog will be protected against several preventable diseases which are often fatal, and this will also prevent diseases being spread between animals.


Regular treatments will stop your cat or dog suffering from worms, fleas and other parasites. It’s important to choose the treatment from your vet who will recommend the most appropriate one for your pet, but also because these treatments have been clinically proven to be safer and more effective than ‘over the counter’ versions bought at pet shops and supermarkets.


Pet Insurance is a very important consideration when owning a pet. It is also very difficult to choose as there are so many companies offering policies and so many different policies to choose from.


See a small selection of our prices, remember being a ‘Friend of Westport’ would mean you got many of the services listed for free, or at a reduced price.

Your pet’s health is important.
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