When you get a new cat it is really important to get them registered with a vet to ensure it is kept in the best health. At WestPort Vets we offer a free health check for all new kittens.

It is just as important to book an appointment for older cats so they can have a check up and the vet can advise on the best care for your furry friend. The most important things to remember are vaccinations, preventive treatment for parasites, microchipping, insurance and neutering.



The standard practice policy is to vaccinate against cat flu and enteritis. We would, however, strongly recommend vaccination against feline leukemia if you cat goes outside.

Annual boosters are needed to keep the immunity reliably high. Cats can also be vaccinated against rabies for the Pet Travel Scheme. Virtually all catteries will insist that your cat is fully vaccinated every year before admitting any cat.

Cats that are not 100% fit and well will not respond reliably to vaccination, so each patient is given a thorough health check by the vet before the booster is given. Every illness is best treated when diagnosed as early as possible, so the annual health check is just as important for your pet as the booster vaccination.

Parasites (worms, fleas)

Regular treatments stop your cat suffering from worms, fleas and other Parasites. It is important to chose the treatment from your vet who will be able to recommend the most appropriate medications for you situation. Also  these treatments have been clinically proven to be safer and more effective than ‘over the counter’ versions bought at pet shops and supermarkets.

Fleas cause itching, chewing and licking, and the skin may look red and inflamed. If you notice any of these signs please make an appointment to see one of our experienced vets. If your cat has fleas it is essential that you not only treat your cat but also your home and other pets.

WestPort Vets recommend that all kittens are wormed every month until they are 6 months old. Cats from the age of 6 months should be wormed every 3 months throughout their life.


WestPort Vets strongly recommend microchipping your cat. Often a microchip is the only way to contact a cat’s owner if it is stolen or lost. It is a very simple procedure where the tiny chip is placed under your cats skin between the shoulder blades. The chip contains a unique ID number which is registered on a national database and matched to your contact details. The chip is read by a special scanner and now your cat is permanently identified.

Your pet’s health is important.
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