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London Vet Show 2023!

Recently Hannah decided to head down to London to attend the London Vet Show alongside 2 of our other vets Natalie and Rachel. Here’s how it went: London Vet Show is a 2 day event with a huge array of lectures to attend from surgical wound management to chronic pain to emergency medicine. We were spoiled for choice for lectures [...]

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Yasmin’s trip to Nottingham Vet School, attending a CPD ultrasound course

This Wednesday, Yasmin travelled down to Nottingham Vet School to take part in their CPD ultrasound course, specifically focussing on the abdominal organs. First, they were shown how to properly set up the ultrasound machine. From selecting the correct probe, to adjusting the frequency and gain, to ensure it was appropriate for each patient and organ. They were allowed to [...]

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Carolyn attends the ISFM Feline Vet Congress 2023

In July this year Carolyn travelled to Dublin to attend the annual highlight of the feline vet calendar, the ISFM Feline Vet Congress.  This year the focus of the congress was Acute Upper Urinary Tract Disease, including Ureteral Obstruction often leading to Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).  The Ureters are each a long outflow tube running from the kidney to the [...]

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