At Westport Veterinary Clinic we recommend that a kitten health check be carried out within a few days of collecting your kitten, which is why we offer a free consultation for a puppy health check. At this time you can ask any questions that you may have.

Here’s some advice to get you started. For a hand out version please CLICK HERE.


Regular vaccinations are important to protect against infection with Feline Enteritis (panleucopaenia), rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and Feline Leukaemia virus. First vaccinations can be given from 9 weeks of age, followed by a second vaccination 3-4 weeks later. Onset of immunity occurs approximately 3 weeks after the second vaccination.

After this primary vaccination course it is important to keep your pet up to date with yearly booster vaccinations to ensure continued protection. If your cat is remaining indoors we still strongly advise vaccination against the Panleucopaenia, Rhinotracheitis and Caliciviruses as these do not require direct cat to cat contact to spread.


Getting the right nutritional balance is very important at all stages in your pet’s life, to ensure healthy development and growth. The best way to achieve this is by feeding a high quality, protein based, balanced diet especially formulated for kittens e.g. Virbac Veterinary HPM (HyperPreMium) Veterinary HPM™ is an advanced low-carb, high-protein formulation specifically designed to support the long-term health and well-being of cats and dogs, the highly evolved carnivores in our own homes.

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Friends of Westport

Prevention is better than cure so we want to make preventative health care easy and affordable. Our Friends of Westport scheme covers the preventative treatments your pet needs throughout life, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks.

Using our scheme can save up to 37% on just the essential preventative health care.
Extra benefits include a 10% discount off nearly everything (most products and procedures undertaken exclusively at our practice).


We strongly advise getting your new kitten insured as soon as possible, to give you peace of mind that your pet is covered should they need it. A lifetime policy is the most comprehensive cover available.

We work in partnership with Petplan to offer 4 weeks free insurance as Immediate Veterinary Cover, we can start the process after your kitten has seen a vet. This will be activated by yourself via the email you receive from Petplan. Please use this time to look around at the different insurance companies to find out which is best for you. If you have any questions please ask one of our team.

Dental Care

Periodontal disease is a serious but often overlooked health issue; indeed, around 90% of cats have some form of this progressive, degenerative disease. Cats are very good at hiding dental pain from us, but believe us, it is sore!

The best time to start dental care for your kitten is now! Getting them in a routine is much better and easier than having to start after they already have sore mouths. We also advise using Healthymouth water additive, which has been shown to reduce plaque build up in cats by an average of 81.3%. At the regular weight checks up until 6-8 months old, our vets and nurses will show you how to introduce dental care products.

Flea, Tick and Worming treatments

We advise using flea, tick and worming treatments once monthly until 6 months old. Due to the rapid development and growth all kittens experience at this age, we need regular weight and health checks with the nurse to ensure correct dosing.

It is important to chose the treatment from your vet who will be able to recommend the most appropriate medications for you situation. Also these treatments have been clinically proven to be safer and more effective than ‘over the counter’ versions bought at pet shops and supermarkets.

All kittens get roundworms from their mothers. They cross the placenta before birth and then from their mother’s milk. Heavy worm burdens can cause serious disease in young animals, including intussusceptions and also pose a human health risk for example visceral larval migrans/ toxocariasis. Cats can continue to become re-infected throughout life from the environment, hunting and from re-activation of dormant larvae within their own bodies, and so ongoing regular worming is a life-long requirement.


When your kitten is old enough, we strongly advise neutering (spay or castration) from 4 months of age. Female cats can become pregnant from 4 months old and with a gestation period of around 63 days you could have many more kittens than you bargained for!

Entire Male cats are more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents, be involved in cat fights and have much larger territories, we can neuter from 6 months of age.


We strongly advise getting your cat microchipped, if they remain indoors there is always the chance of them escaping and we especially recommend it if they are outside all the time. We are able to administer the identification chip at the time of the health check or it can be done at the time of neutering at a reduced rate.

If you have any questions at all please call us at your local branch, contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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