General Guidelines

For those of you who are looking to travel this year with your pet, we thought it an appropriate time of year to give you an update on travel recommendations!If you are looking to travel within the EU and listed countries (check with Pet Passport Helpline 08702411710 to find out if your country is listed), then the following requirements are in place:

  • A microchip needs to be placed prior to a rabies vaccination
  • The rabies vaccination should then be given, AT LEAST 21 days prior to date of travel (day of injection is day 0)
  • A Pet Passport is issued by West Port Veterinary Clinic, completed by a specially qualified vet (Official Veterinarian)
  • Tapeworm treatment is required no less than 24 hours prior to and no later than 120 hours (5 days) before entry back into the UK
  • You must use an approved transport company and approved route of travel (unless travel between UK and Ireland)


A Pet Passport is issued by West Port Veterinary Clinic, completed by a specially qualified vet (Official Veterinarian).

A Pet Passport is issued by West Port Veterinary Clinic, completed by a specially qualified vet (Official Veterinarian).


Travelling to unlisted countries outside the EU requires additional rules with regards to the rabies vaccination:

  • A rabies vaccine is given (day 0)
  • A blood sample is taken 30 days afterwards to ensure the vaccine has worked well enough
  • You are required to wait 3 calendar months from date the of blood sample before travel

Guidance on listed and unlisted countries, as well as approved routes of travel can be found on GOV.UK website as well as DEFRA website. We recommend you study these websites carefully for your particular country of travel as each country can have their own individual stipulations.Please note, a rabies vaccination must be given every 3 years to keep your passport valid and we recommend ensuring your pet is also up to date with their regular annual booster vaccinations.

Parasitic Control

Although the guidelines only stipulate treatment against tapeworm (for example, at Westport Vets we use a worming tablet called Cazitel), we recommend in addition to this a more thorough preventative action against parasites to protect your pet from disease.

Fleas, ticks, intestinal roundworms, tapeworms and mites can be found throughout Europe, as can flying insects exotic to this country, such as mosquitoes and sandflies. More information regarding parasitic and parasite borne disease risks in particular areas can be found at and

We recommend that you check your pet regularly for parasites while on holiday and take a tick removal tool with you when travelling. Parasitic treatments to consider in addition to tapeworm control include:

For dogs: a spot on called Advantix which eliminates ticks, fleas and biting lice as well as repelling mosquitos, sand flies and stable flies. (This is a spot on preparation so be careful not to bathe your pet within 2 days after application).

For cats: a spot on called Broadline which is effective against ticks, fleas, tapeworms, roundworms, hookworm and heartworm.

An alternative to a spot on tick control for dogs and cats would be a collar called ‘Seresto’ which kills ticks and fleas and repels the ticks from attaching to your pet.

Please contact Team Westport for further information.