POTENTIAL AUTUMNAL POISONS IN PETS – acorns, conkers and beech nuts.
Please don’t let your pets eat acorns, conkers and beechnuts which are shed from trees at this time of year. They can be highly toxic if ingested in high quantities. If you have any concerns about your pet please bring them in to Team Westport to be checked over. Here’s why:
Potentially all parts of the Horse Chestnut tree are toxic but it tends to be the conkers and spiky casings that are consumed by animals. The most common signs seen are retching, vomiting, restlessness and abdominal tenderness which are often followed by diarrhoea and dehydration. Most animals recover with supportive care, however, there have been isolated cases with fatal outcomes.
Same is true of the Oak tree which contains toxic tannins but it is mainly the acorns that are eaten by pets. If eaten this usually results in mild gastrointestinal problems similar to eating a conker. Again if eaten in significant numbers the animal will need to be monitored and observed by veterinary staff.
Finally, beechnut ingestion is less common but the sap found in the nut is potentially toxic. It is important to have your pet checked over to make sure they don’t become dehydrated.
Any worries or concerns get in touch!