Pet Insurance is a very important consideration when owning a pet.  It is also very difficult to choose as there are so many companies offering policies and so many different policies to choose from.

Westport Veterinary Clinic can help make this part easier as it is a registered Petplan practice. Petplan is an insurance company dedicated to pets. We work in partnership with Petplan to offer 4 weeks free insurance to dogs and cats between 6 weeks and 18 months of age as Instant Protection. We can start this process after your pet has seen a vet and will be activated by yourself via the email you receive from Petplan. This can give you peace of mind and time to look at the insurance options available.

Whether you have pet insurance or not will not affect the quality or range of treatment offered to you for your pet but it is handy knowing that financial help is available should you encounter unexpected treatments and expenses. All necessary treatment will be offered regardless but having insurance in place may make saying yes easier knowing payment can be made.

Advances in veterinary medicine mean that we now have access to a wider range of diagnostic and treatment technologies offering the best possible care for your pet. These treatment options can sometimes be expensive. Pet insurance allows for monthly budgeting and takes away the worry when it comes to paying for unexpected treatments.

Westport Veterinary Clinic would always recommend Lifetime Unlimited policies.  These policies do what they say and cover your pet for any treatments claimed for their lifetime so long as you renew the policy every year without any breaks in payments.

Annual renewal policies are also offered which can offer cover for a specific condition during that policy year then exclude it the next year when the policy is renewed.  These policies can sometimes also cover a specific condition up to a certain value and then exclude it thereafter.

Pet Insurance is something very worthwhile but we would always advise to shop wisely and read the small print.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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