As most cat owners will know cats and Christmas trees do not always go well together! Cats and kittens love to climb trees, and are naturally attracted to the flashing lights, baubles and tinsel that adorn many Christmas trees. As such, we at Westport have compiled a list of things you could try to “cat-proof” your tree.

  • Set up the tree a few days before decorating it so that your companions can investigate it (and, hopefully, soon lose interest in it)
  • Keep the tree away from launching zones (e.g., furniture) that your cat uses, in order to reduce the temptation to pounce on your tree.
  • Invest in a good quality, heavy base which will prevent your Christmas tree from toppling over, or place weights to secure it at the bottom
  • Tie your ornaments to the tree securely, and hand them higher up the tree away from playful paws
  • Place lights toward the center of the tree so that your cat is less tempted to chew on the wires. Always unplug the lights when you’re not able to supervise your cat. If your cat tries to chew the wires, it’s better to take the lights off the tree than risk your cat being burned or electrocuted
  • Do not place any presents for your cat containing catnip under the tree – it will only entice them in
  • If your cat is of a playful, mischievous nature then it is a good idea to consider shutting them out of the room in which the Christmas tree is in altogether when you are not around
  • Skip the tinsel – tinsel can cause life threatening damage to your cat’s gastrointestinal tract