One of Westport Vets Local Canine Heroes for South Queensferry, Andrew the Golden Retriever.

Andrew attended the Westport Vets South Queensferry practice to assist in the treatment of an emergency case. He helped to save the life of another dog by being a blood donor.

Andrew is a registered blood donor at Westport Vet. His owners, Annette and Tony Mundy, were contacted and they brought him to the practice immediately when an emergency case came in. Fast action for treatment from vet Sam and Andrews owners getting to the practice quickly, were vital in stabilising the other dogs life.

Veterinary Surgeon Sam Hillier says:

“Due to a slow abdominal bleed on arrival the Red Blood Cell count was so low that it couldnt even be read on one of our machines, so we had to check it another way. Without Andrew and the blood transfusion the dog would have almost certainly passed away during the emergency splenectomy surgery. However the blood transfusion gave the other dog the boost he needed and came through the surgery well!”

Life-saving saving surgery which, would not have been possible without Andrew.

Nicola Macphee, one of the Westport Vet nursing team, who was with Andrew during his donation says:

He was a pro – he had clearly done this before because he came straight for the biscuits, showed no resistance to being lifted onto the table or being held in position. If it weren’t for safety reasons we would not have needed to hold him at all!  I’m sure he gave a couple of snores during donation lying on the table. He even gave up his blood so fast. Patients are allowed to give blood for up to 10 mins but Andrew filled the donation bag within about 4 mins. He left wagging his tail with a belly full of biscuits!”

Andrew, who is seven years old, is a very special dog who has an interesting story to tell about his life so far.

Owner Annette Mundy told us:

“My husband Tony and I are volunteers with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Andrew came to us at around 10 weeks old in 2014.  I was his Puppy Raiser for the next year teaching him socialisation and good manners in public places. He of course stole our hearts.”

“He went on to Forfar training school a year later and did very well and he qualified as a Guide Dog in 2016. Andrew spent the next 2 years with a young family down south being a Guide dog for the Mum. He was very well loved but sadly the decision was made to give him early retirement as he had developed a slight eye problem and although it affected his guiding it has in no way affected him being a pet dog. So we got the call and adopted him right away.”

“Andrew is a normal cheeky chap who loves nothing more than chasing his frisbee and running around on his free walks. Apart from us he has two other dogs in the family.”

“When he came home we decided we would like him still to give something to our community, so I had him assessed to become a pet therapy dog and he now (or will do again when we are back to normal) pops into Queensferry Care every week to see the ladies and gents.They love to see him and he in turn loves the attention.

“He also visits a Care Home in Falkirk and it’s so touching to see the smiles on peoples faces and even just to see a hand coming over to touch him. He will also be at some fund raising events for guide dogs when lockdown is lifted.”

“When we put him forward as a Blood Donor at Westport vets we were more than happy when the call came. Hopefully he has made another family smile and we are so very proud of him.”

Andrew is a true hero. He is a dog so full of kindness, of heart and of soul that he is an example to set to us all.