📚 February’s BOOK📚

‘History of the World in 100 Animals’
Author: Simon Barnes
Hardback (480 pages)
Suitable for: Adults

In The History of the World in 100 Animals, award-winning author Simon Barnes selects the 100 animals who have had the greatest impact on humanity and on whom humanity has had the greatest effect.

📚 This book is beautifully illustrated throughout and helps us to understand our place in the world better, so that we might do a better job of looking after it.

📚 It shows how we have domesticated animals for food and for transport, and how animals powered agriculture, making civilisation possible.

📚 It also charts the close relationship between humans and animals, finding examples from around the planet that bring the story of life on earth vividly to life, with great insight and understanding. (See below for our review).

This is a great read for anyone who likes animals and history – it lists the top 100 animals who have had the greatest impact on humanity.

📖 Although this book may appear a big read its contents are broken down to each individual animal and each one is a pleasant short read and very informative!

📖 The authors passion for the topic is clear throughout and its a quirky read which has some great facts and quirky information.

❤ Something a bit different and easy to read with each chapter being per animal so can read whichever you want without getting lost. A nice book which includes historical picture references and lots of facts and history references throughout. Most suited for adult read with nature of content, a great book and source for animal and history buffs!

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