Miriam spent a weekend learning all about fresh food (raw and home cooked) feeding in dogs and cats. On the first day Miriam was reminded of the advantages and common problems encountered with each type of feeding (kibble, raw feeding, home cooked feeding) and the popular motivations for feeding each type of food. She then had a reminder of the basic essentials of nutrition (bringing back memories of vet school lectures!) and why we care about a properly balanced diet, with some interesting case studies. On day two Miriam learned how to audit fresh food diets (check that they are nutritionally balanced) using special software, and also how to formulate a balanced fresh food diet from scratch for both healthy dogs and those with specific medical conditions (eg skin disease or IBD).



Here at Westport we are happy to support your choices about how you want to feed your pets. We are dedicated to ensuring we can work collaboratively to ensure you are able to feed high quality, nutritious and well balanced food that is appropriate for your dog or cat. For most owners the easiest and safest way of doing this is with kibble food, however if you are considering fresh food feeding or already on a raw/home cooked diet we are able to support you to do so in a complete, balanced and medically appropriate way. Nutrition is a fast-evolving sphere and through regular continuing professional development (CPD) such as this workshop, we ensure our vets are kept up to date with all the latest information to support you and your pets.



If you would like Miriam to audit the diet you are currently or thinking of feeding, please get in touch with the surgery.