Our dear sweet soft lovely gentlecat Harpo,
You can into our family as our first kitten at two months old. Your playful fun goofy nature won us all over. We would spend hours watching you watching the washing machine, tearing through the house and playing with us and your toys. You grew into the softest sweetest kindest easy going lad. Even silent due to your broken squeaker, you would reward us with soft purrs that we had to put our ear on your side to hear. We joke that you were the most expensive cat we’ve ever had because of your special foods, your specific tastes and your talent of trashing lamps and shades. They say though that ‘you get what you pay for’ and we were bountifully rewarded with you. Shalom and ahavah Harpo. Peace and love from all of us. We love you always and always, Amy, Melody and Avery xxx