10.06.05 – 12.06.2016

Bonnie, aka Bogglie or Boo, was a very special dog from the minute she entered our lives. She came as a rescue after a horrific accident which resulted in her losing one of her hind limbs. She was only meant to spend the weekend, for intensive nursing care, but ended up staying!

Being a 3 legged dog didn’t stop her, often people didn’t realise she was missing a leg due to the speed she ran at.
She was an fabulous dog who went to visit schools & nurseries to teach children about animals and was used many times as a study dog for student nurses to practice anatomy & nursing care on.

In 2015, Bonnie developed a very bad cancer and we were told to prepare for the worst & we would only have a short time with us, probably less than 3 months.

Being Bonnie & not one to read the rules, she smashed all expectations from the oncologists and survived for a further 15 months.


She was amazing and she sorely missed by everyone.