Last week, Nicola attended London Vet Show, an annual two day conference covering a huge range of veterinary topics with talks from many international specialists. The conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the management of a whole host of conditions, from epilepsy to feline diabetes to asthma and bronchitis.
It was also a great place to meet people who have taken their careers in fascinating directions. For example, we heard from one vet who is a specialist in feline endoscopy and travels the world working with big cats as well as our domestic moggies.
London Vet Show also provides opportunities to get updates on the newest medications available, thus allowing us to continue to provide our patients with the highest quality care based on the latest studies and information. As an example, one company has licensed a new drug which specifically targets osteoarthritic pain in dogs and can be helpful for animals suffering from side effects with more typical therapies. All in all, this was a brilliant two days with plenty of chances to increase understanding and management techniques for a large variety of conditions.