💚🐾💛 Westport Vets LIFESTYLE REVIEW 💛🐾💚

Each month Westport Vets reviews an item which relates to pets. This may be something useful, something of interest, or generally just for a bit of fun with your pet!

🐾This months item is all about having fun – a family board game which includes your dog!


💚ITEM: WOOF is a family board game which requires a minimum of 2 players (and there is no limit to how many dogs play with you!)

💚CONTENT: Woof contains 200 different questions and exercises in different degrees of difficulty, so suitable across different ages taking part.

💚FOR YOUR DOG: An exercise could be having to stand still on all fours for 20 seconds or sit with a treat on the nose for 2 seconds. Your dog then wins points for you or your team!

💚AIM OF THE GAME: The aim of the game is to race around the board. The first player or team to complete the tasks wins – but watch out, if the dog earns more bones than you during the game – the dog takes the crown! Woof isn’t just great fun it’s also a brilliant educational game to get dogs minds working, kids thinking and adults learning more about their canine companions.

💛Available from lots of different places online including:

Guide Dogs online shop:


🗯Something fun, a bit different and whats not to enjoy when it’s  all about dogs! The dogs also enjoyed the interaction playing👍🏻

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