I feel the kids have become very adept at pushing my buttons and knowing exactly what gets the reaction! Such as answering NO to anything I say sometimes before I have even gotten to the end of the sentence

I implemented the snack box for each of them (an idea sourced from Facebook) so they could help themselves to something as and when they were hungry.  Thinking that would stop them constantly asking for snacks. Well I got that wrong! Their full day rations of snacks are demolished in the first couple of hours. With 2 growing hungry kids I feel like I am on the merry go round of food then dishes food then dishes…you’d think I’m working in a café serving 2 very difficult to please customers!  Not of a hope of getting a tip……….!

The other half is working from home which I thought would be great! An extra pair of hands (and brain) to help with the kids school work.  Instead he retreats to the spare room (or his new office apparently) as fast as he does when we get cold callers to the door!!

Yesterday he claimed he was tidying up the garden, after I became worried (or more accurately scunnered with the kids constant whining) I went up to check on him, I took the photo above…………….

Being furloughed might not be too bad as I am going to request a wage from my husband for being his newly appointed Personal assistant! 

If he shouts down ‘ any chance of a brew’ one more time I will not be responsible for my actions !

With Easter holidays now here there were tears of joy when the kids put away their school jotters and their laptops……….I think the kids were happy about it too! It was difficult to tell as I skipped towards the  wine rack 😊.

Happy Easter everyone and Stay Safe !