The Easter holidays were a welcome break from being a teacher I can now become Just Mum!

It is a rather unusual feeling of having no plans for the holidays and no where we need to go.

Usually Easter weekend is like a challenge you’d find on an episode of the Krypton Factor (you will know what this if you are an 80s chid!). Trying to fit as much luggage and ‘non’ essential items, including 4 passengers and a dog, into the family saloon!

Everything but the kitchen sink springs to mind……………….



How I would love to have that problem this Easter!

All the juggling in the morning to get packed up, get the kids ready, the house clean and my favourite part….when the other half rolls out of bed and announces he’s just nipping out for a quick haircut…………whilst I finish up!

Is it just a coincidence that HIS toothbrush doesn’t get packed 😊

It has generally been a period of too much screen time, late lunches and late nights but it is exactly what we all needed. However, the return of home schooling will soon be upon us and I cannot believe I’m saying this but……..I am looking forward to some structure and a plan, I do love a plan!

Rest assured though I am under no illusion that by day 3 the ‘plan’ will be out the window, along with my sanity! Never mind, I’ll take my wine and bottle opener to my hiding place, the one place they’ve still not managed to find me yet………………the laundry cupboard!!