Scully is a handsome 6-year-old Black Labrador. Scully is happiest with his favourite tug rope or anywhere that has water, heather, hares and deer to chase! Once his humans leave the house he sneaks onto the nearest bed for a snooze. Scully has been accused in the past of eating limbs from the kid’s teddies and stealing socks. He has since grown out of this, but his naughtiest habit remains eating chicken poo in the garden! Scully will do absolutely anything for a carrot or apple, his ultimate treats!

It is at this time of year that many of us start thinking about starting a healthy eating and exercise regime. Why not include your pets too? Scully has successfully lost 15% of his body weight by making a few small changes to his diet. Not only does Scully look slim, he has more energy and his glossy coat is gleaming once again. Unfortunately for Scully he has bad joints and had to undergo a couple of operations to remedy these. This meant a reduction in exercise and for a normally active dog this lead to weight gain. To ease his pain and take the pressure of his joints he was put on a doggy diet and the pounds started to drop off and have stayed off!