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Westport Veterinary Clinic’s Local Hero Awards has been created to recognise and honour acts of kindness in our local community.

🏆This month Westport Vets Local Hero for Linlithgow is Claire Staines.


Claire owns and runs Lothlorien Dog Services. and was nominated for her act of kindness for Sally the beagle.

⭐Sally recently underwent orthopaedic surgery. This surgery required her to be fully rested in a crate, for six weeks, to aid a successful recovery from her operation.

⭐Sallys owner, Lorna Robison told us: “Sally had to undergo surgery and is having to be kept crated for 6 weeks to aid her recovery. As a very active dog, she is not finding this easy! On recently meeting Claire Staines from Lothlorien and having heard of Sally’s surgery, she very kindly offered us licky & ruffle mats to help keep Sally entertained. This is really making such a difference and I just wanted to nominate Claire for such a thoughtful gesture.”


⭐When Westport vet started Local Hero Awards, their aim is to honour acts of kindness in the local community. And it does just that – these ‘little acts of kindness’, to those who receive them are not little by any means! This is a wonderful example of how an act of kindness from one person can result in having such a positive impact for others.


🏆Claire like other business owners, has endured a tough year, through the March lockdown, continued tier restrictions and to current 2021 lockdown. Claire has been busy during these times, not just keeping her family entertained over lockdown but has also been offering help and support to fellow dog professionals, business owners and individuals, as well as finding ways to change and adapt her own business to be able to continue working.

🏆Claire Staines says: “Lockdown has been……interesting is about the only word that covers it. I’ve worried, learned new ways to function and my cocktail talents has improved vastly!” “As a business owner, it’s difficult. We have very little in the way of guidance from the government but I’m sure it’s hard for everyone in one way, shape or form. Just keeping the team at ease has been my number 1 priority. Plus side our online puppy class has people from different countries signed up, that’s exciting!”

🏆Claire also made a decision for the Lothlorien Team to help out a rescue for 12 months in 2021, helping the rescue throughout the coming year by offering their assistance. When rescues responded to her offer, the team were unable to pick just one so picked two:  ‘All Dog Rescue Scotland’ and ‘Scottish Dobermann Rescue’ and are very much looking forward to working with them. Claire Staines told us: “We had a huge response to the offer, it was really difficult to narrow it down as every rescue is worthy of help.”

🏆Much like her help for Sally the beagle, Claire has been a great support to many individuals throughout a difficult year. Always finding time to offer support to others who needed it, many of whom have also expressed their gratitude for Claire’s continued acts of kindness.


⭐Marion Heggie (Elite Pet Care): “Claire has so many wonderful qualities it’s hard to know where to begin. In a year which has been tough for so many of us, Claire has always been there for support and advice. With her fabulous wit and sense of humour, and her ability to lift the spirits of others, she has been a godsend.”

⭐Heather Dunn: “Claire has really helped me overcome challenges and think outside the box, not just through Covid but with my everyday life. I count myself lucky everyday that I got to meet someone so inspiring and compassionate.”

⭐Tracey Grant (Linlithgow Leads) told us: “Claire runs a strong team of 9 trainers including myself who have so much to thank her for. The first lockdown in March when many stayed at home in pjs bewildered with the situation we all found ourselves in. Claire, well she shook herself down and prepared an amazing online course, hours of video tutorials and narratives. This was not only for her own use but her training team to use also.”

“I like the rest of the Lothlorien team, also run a Dog Walking company where our businesses pretty much ceased for 3 months, meaning we had little income. However, we were kept busy training throughout as Claire distributed the work out between the whole team and we trained from home via Zoom, it’s been a busy lockdown! I echo the whole team when I say well done Staines and thank you, you saved my sanity by keeping me busy!”

⭐Carena Schmid: “When the high level tier restrictions came into place just before Christmas, Claire volunteered both her own time and premises so I could continue to offer a collection point for local customers for my own business. At an extremely busy time with sales for Christmas this generosity helped enormously with a lot of locals opting for local collection. A great act of kindness and very much appreciated!”

⭐Jill Davie: “One of the most perceptive people I know and has a gift to see right to the heart of everything presented to you. Beyond problems and straight to solutions. An intuitive and wonderful lady with biggest heart ever! Giving and generous with your time, knowledge and insight. Not to mention humble and gracious while making a huge difference and positive impact to those around you. This has been especially true during covid. You stepped up in a way that has been inspiring to everyone around you! I hope you know what a positive impact you have had. Thank you so much for everything you do and give to those around you and have given to me”.

⭐Angela Dickson (Dicksons Dogs) told us: “I’d love to say a massive thank you to her for all the help and support she’s given me over the years.“ ⭐Carol McPherson also commented: “I admire Claire so much, she has such a great work ethic, and her dedication to her team is amazing.”

❤Claire’s support (and sense of humour) has been a beacon of strength for many individuals through a difficult year. Acts of kindness not just for local residents but to anyone in need, Claire’s local hero award is very well deserved.


🏆Westports Vets aim is to recognise and celebrate acts of kindness in our local community and also help to support local businesses in it. ⭐If you would like to nominate someone for Westport Vet’s Local Hero Awards, please email us with details and their act of kindness to: heroes@westportvets.com

🏆Each month Westport Vet’s Local Hero will receive a certificate of recognition and a treat for themselves at a local business.

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