Favourite Toy: Harvey loves soft toys (pulling the stuffing out of them!) and his favourite soft toy is Teddy – which resides at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Teddy is the only soft toy he’s not destroyed, and he’ll often be found sitting cuddling it. However, his favourite toy is a football (actually a basketball so he can’t get his teeth into it!) and at the mention of the word football he’s a puppy again!
Favourite Walk: You will encounter Harvey most days at Beecraigs, but his favourite walks are on a beach, with sand between his paws! Harvey also enjoys a Sunday stroll round Kingsfield Golf Course while his human enjoys a round of golf.
Naughtiest Habits: Harvey is a mild mannered dog – EXCEPT when something enters his garden.  Be it a bird, friend or window cleaner, he will bark. The worst habit is snatching the post as it comes through the letterbox.
At this time of year we see a rise in the number of pets being brought to us with skin complaints. ‘Summer itch’ pollen, both tree and grass, are the main reason and can cause serious skin irritations especially around feet, base of the tail and ears. If your dog shows any signs of itching it is important to seek help from your vet as early as possible as this will not only reduce the need for too much medication but also prevent your pet being locked into a itch scratch cycle. Treatment can be a combination of medicated shampoos, anti-inflammatory steroidal and non-steroidal medication all depending on the individual.