Recently Sam continued his studies in orthopaedic surgery by attending the AOVET course on the principles in small animal fracture management hosted in Oxford. This was an intense course covering the principles of all things ortho.
The AOVET course is a world renowned orthopaedic teaching institute and is hosted by high-calibre speakers who are leading clinicians in there field with many lecturers from the top universities around the world.
The first day covered the various techniques of fracture fixation e.g. IM pins, cerclage wire, bone screws, plates, external fixation as well as the physiology of fracture healing. This is the background information which is needed when planning a fracture repair. This was followed by practical session practicing how to use the various fixation methods.
The second day was spent with lectures and practical sessions addressing more specific types of fracture types for example radius/ulna, femur and articular fractures. A very good practical followed where there were bone models of different fracture types which you had to decide upon and implement the fracture management plan. Finally the day finished with a ‘fire-side’ discussion where x-rays of different fractures were presented and you had to discuss the best plan of action although Sam was experiencing strong Deja Vu of the ritual grilling all students receive at university whilst attending orthopaedic rounds.
The final day was spent with lectures on managing fractures with casts, open fractures and how to deal with potential complications following surgery and how best to reduce the risk of complications in the first place. The course finished with a ‘mystery fracture challenge’ where Sam was presented with an unusual fracture in which he had to plan and fix against the clock.