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Local Hero Award – Linlithgow (January 2021) Claire Staines

🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆 🏆🌟Westport Vet's Local Hero Awards🏆🌟 🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆 Westport Veterinary Clinic’s Local Hero Awards has been created to recognise and honour acts of kindness in our local community. 🏆This month Westport Vets Local Hero for Linlithgow is Claire Staines.   Claire owns and runs Lothlorien Dog Services. and was nominated for her act of kindness for Sally the beagle. ⭐Sally recently [...]

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Westport Vet’s Local Hero Awards – September 2020

🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆 🏆🌟Westport Vet's Local Hero Awards🏆🌟🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆🌟🏆 🏆Westport Vets Local Hero Award for September 2020 is Rebecca Holmes. ⭐Westport Veterinary Clinic’s Local Hero Awards has been created to recognise and honour acts of kindness in the local community. 🏆Rebecca Holmes has been dedicated to the local community with Rebecca Holmes Photography Linlithgow Front Steps Project. This is a project capturing the [...]

2020-10-24T10:54:20+00:00October 24th, 2020|

The home teacher – it’s the Easter holidays!!!…..

The Easter holidays were a welcome break from being a teacher I can now become Just Mum! It is a rather unusual feeling of having no plans for the holidays and no where we need to go. Usually Easter weekend is like a challenge you’d find on an episode of the Krypton Factor (you will know what this if you [...]

2020-05-12T06:34:54+00:00May 12th, 2020|

Week two of my Stay at home teacher job! And it hasn’t got any easier…..

I feel the kids have become very adept at pushing my buttons and knowing exactly what gets the reaction! Such as answering NO to anything I say sometimes before I have even gotten to the end of the sentence I implemented the snack box for each of them (an idea sourced from Facebook) so they could help themselves to something [...]

2020-04-08T19:34:04+00:00April 8th, 2020|

💜 Puppies on Lockdown 💜

We have had lots of enquires this week with concerned new puppy owners during lockdown so have some advice to help. ℹ As it currently stands (08-04-2020), following government guidelines The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons clarification on treatments is that veterinary practices are currently not permitted to do puppy, kitten, or rabbit vaccinations. Only Urgent and Emergency treatment should [...]

2020-04-08T16:48:54+00:00March 30th, 2020|

Nicola’s Clinical Animal Behaviour Course Part 3

At the end of November, Nicola completed the training for the third block of her clinical animal behaviour course. The first two days focused on pain and the impact this can have on behaviour. Indeed, sometimes the only sign of a painful condition can be a change in your pet's behaviour, such as being more sound sensitive than usual or [...]

2019-12-06T12:44:15+00:00December 6th, 2019|

VET Festival 2018

Louise and Gillian recently visited sunny Surrey for a conference. Unlike the usual veterinary conferences, this one was set outdoors and had a "festival" feel.  So called, VET festival, this is the brain child of Noel Fitzpatrick ("Supervet"). In recent years there has been a move within the profession to improve mental wellbeing, with the recognition that, as a profession, [...]

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This issue we bring you Rocket the 4 year old rescue rabbit. Rocket's favourite place to sleep is anywhere that isn't his bedroom! He always pulls all the bedding out and redistributes it all over the hutch! His favourite toy is a wooden chew which is filled with hay, unfortunately, one of Rocket’s naughtiest habits is chewing things other than [...]

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